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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in albany where a middle schoolteacher has been realized for having sex with a former student. a lot of people coming to his defense. members of the police department are not among them. story coming up in a live report. >> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco where police raided a camp overnight whether it is a homeless camp or occupy sf camp is up for debate. it was on market it is now gone. -- [ inaudible ]
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we are going to warm up. i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas that warm-up will be good for sports activities, up understand right now developing news. later today school administrators in albany will meet with shocked parents to discuss the arrest of a well liked teacher and coach. terry mcsweeney is live with more. >> reporter: in the library here is where meeting will be taking place at 5:00 this
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evening. there's a lot of information not known. take a look at the picture of the person who has been arrested. this is sixth grade teacher at middle school arrested early yesterday morning for lewd acts upon a child less than 14. he's been a sixth grade teacher since 2008, involved in volleyball, student leadership club, athletic director, taught math, science and language arts. the superintendent told the albany patch she learned of the allegations monday placed him on leave immediately, called police. school officials will be reaching out to parents and additional counseling is available for students at the middle school. he is being held on $100,000 bail. he's scheduled for his first appearance friday at 2:00 in the afternoon. on the albany patch, a lot of
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readers are sending in comments and vast majority in favor of the man they called mr. i. one person saying that his child dressed up as mr. i as they call him, on halloween they liked him so much, popular person, a lot of debate and right now we don't know how long this relationship lasted, albany police looking for anybody who knows anything about this possible relationship alleged relationship to come forward or if there might have been others. that in itself is drawing ire from the people on the website. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. problems at another east bay school in antioch, fourth grade student brought a weapon to school students knew about it and what shocked administrators no one said anything. the principal is urging open conversation. the principal says the students that told others he had the weapon and was going
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to bring it to school. he told a few that he would hurt them if they told. the principal goes on to say it is disturbing that no students reported the threats to staff or parents. it turns out the weapon was an air pistol that shoots pellets with compressed air. >> problem with air pistols, they are so realistic, that they can often be mistaken for a real weapon. our police authorities don't know the difference sometimes when they see a pistol that has an air -- it can cause serious consequences. school officials are going to determine the proper punishment for that student. san francisco police moved in and took down a camp in the financial district dozens were cited. amy hollyfield is outside the federal reserve building in san francisco. >> reporter: there's now a fence surrounding the spot
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where there was a camp of protesters. police are out here still watching. they say they don't want anyone to show up and vandalize it. police moved in overnight and cleared out the camp, they took 40 people, cited them and released them. one who was cited told us the charge was lodging. the raid overnight was peaceful. the occupiers who protest here say they are upset, they believe they have a right to be here but say they are not surprised. >> something we fully expected. homeland security had been in the neighborhood all week with measuring tapes, they had just been doing construction here they hadzp the fence on hand they took them done yesterday and stacked them up in the corner so they had them ready to go tonight obvious this was something orchestrated in washington. >> reporter: there's debate over whether this is an occupy sf camp or a homeless camp. one of the activists with the occupy movement tells us
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during the day this is an active informational spot. people who care about the movement are here during the day. he admits overnight it does tend to attract some people, some homeless, homeless crowd. but, they are concerned that the fence that is now here is going to prohibit them from protesting during the day. so, the next move is to have a lawyer file an injunction to try to get in fence taken down. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:06. two east bay legislators are calling for a state hearing on steps that government agencies are taking to prevent accidents like the massive fire at the chevron refinery in richmond. senator hancock and assemblywoman skinner say, they want to find out if chevron followed safety regulations. chevron says routine inspections failed to uncover the corrosion that contributed to last month's fire. chevron admits it did not inspect individual pipe,
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therefore the problem went unaddressed. chevron is warning other refineries about possibility of pipe failure at their own companies. regular refs back in uniform for tonight's game shorter of replacement refs over after a controversial play turned a labor dispute into national outrage. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. >> reporter: can you hear the collective sigh of relief? the browns-ravens game tonight will have regular refs officiating sunday all games will have the pros on the field. the new deal does still need to be ratified by the 121 members of the union. by all accounts that is going to happen. the refs, they gained good leverage in the negotiations after monday night's game. call by replacements called the packers win against seattle even president obama and gop vp candidate paul ryan agree it was the wrong call
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that's along with football fans nationwide. under the new deal the refs get more money, compromise on a pension 401(k) plan and the nfl may hire some officials fulltime. >> still have control of the officials also give them increased pay, increased salaries, increased ability to at least continue their good careers. i think in many ways both sides compromise. there's pain on both sides at the end of the negotiations but heal once both sides get together. >> reporter: the regular refs had been locked out since june in a few over compensation also the power to bench bad refs. as it turned out no one was worse than the replacements, one had been fired by the women's lingerie football league. katie marzullo, abc7 news. time for a look at the weather. warm-up is on the way. absolutely. can't tell now a lot of fog
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good morning one mile visibility at napa, novato half mile santa rosa and also half moon bay right now sfo at 10, some of that fog is leaking through the san bruno gap heading towards the bay area i'm expecting that to diminish considerably and flight arrival delays to develop at sfo. pattern benign across our neighborhoods, a little area of low pressure to our west will help enhance the offshore flow or at least stop the sea breeze for today. we'll get more of an offshore flow tomorrow and throughout weekend. mid to upper 60s coast into san francisco, mover sunshine than yesterday, 70s bay, 80s south bay and north bay, if we have 90s east bay valleys today. mid to upper 80s inland monterey bay low to mid 70s watsonville, santa cruz. warmer tomorrow, saturday looks like the heat will peak sunday low to mid 70s this
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weekend at the beaches. if you are heading to stinson beach traffic probably going to be a nightmare. mid to upper 90s inland. here's sue. good morning. patchy fog very dense in places just got a report highway 1 near skyline boulevard very socked in watch your speeds come up on thick patches of fog and you can't see very well. bay bridge looking good, fog-free heading into san francisco, no metering lights everything is smooth sailing on the upper deck, drive out of antioch towards pittsburg good eastbound 4 between bailey and railroad may slow you eastbound. north 101 thick fog over the waldo is very thick both directions on the golden gate bridge. a bit of slow traffic north due to the roadwork ongoing there. waldo grade and further north towards greenbrae near sir
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francis drake. pacheco pass highway 152 east of gilroy injury accident big rig and car at dinosaur point blocking a lane there. drive times from the altamont pass hillcrest 242, 15 minutes road sensor fixed thanks for viewer for alerting us to that east shore freeway less than 20 9's the macarthur maze. next, a squabble between flight attendants diverts a united flight back home. >> the airline guaranteeing seats away crying babies in economy. plus, two-wheeled solution for urban traffic how to get around town for $5 a ride. >> a quarter of a million dollar jackpot, lost in san francisco. >> first this morning's money report. >> reporter: good morning. new round of encouraging news about the housing market.
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median price of new home soared more than 11% from july to august, biggest one-month jump on record, price $256,000, highest in almost 5 1/2 years. record number of families dealing with student debt. more than 22 million households had college loans in 2010 that rate doubled in 20 years. the sea of red ink at the post office keeps rising on the verge of second default unable to come up with nearly six
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good morning. 5:15. thursday morning. looks like a little cloud cover mike was saying a little mist a warm-up is headed our way more of that coming up. new figures from the federal drug enforcement agency show a sharp decline in the number of marijuana seizures in california this year. officials are on track to eradicate 1 1/2 million plants this year, less than a third of what they ceased three years ago. many attribute the drop to the -- elimination of a state eradication program. california watch reports that pot seizures have fallen in oregon and washington. united airlines
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apologizing for an incident on a chicago-bound flight. the captain alerted authorities to an assault onboard his plane yesterday. turned out it was a fight between two flight attendants. the flight was forced to return to raleigh-durham no blows exhanged, no charges filed passengers were delayed for three hours, united is compensating them for their inconvenience. air asia is adding a free perk for long distance travelers who like quiet time the first seven rows of economy seating will be restricted to passengers 12 and older, no babies. there's a small fee, the same as if you wanted seas with extra leg room between 11 and -- wanted seats with extra leg room between $11 and $35. u.s. planes are set up differently and airlines might face lawsuits from angry parents in the. you will soon have tv at mcdonald's. the m channel will show its
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own mcnews and mcentertainment and mcsports with local contents for cities and neighborhood, it will direct viewers online for shopping and mcdeals. >> you lost the chance to spend mcbucks at that mcdonald's if you were winner -- [ unintelligible ] a quarter million dollars somebody didn't pick it up. that ticket was sold march 30th, the winner had until 5 p.m. yesterday. >> that means they have to order off the dollar menu like i. >> or they don't need the quarter million dollars. >> oh my gosh that is painful. >> it is. >> somebody could have helped them spend it. charity is what i was thinking. [ talking over each other ] >> i'm a charity case in many
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ways, but not like that. >> tip your waitresses everybody. >> i'm here within more day, sorry. you can see clouds hanging low once against over san francisco, this morning as fog is becoming more prevalent. live doppler 7 hd we have mist to contend with as that extra moisture hangs in the air during these longer nights in the bay area, thickest fog coast and north bay where we have napa at half mile visibility along with santa rosa, expect some of this to linger through 9:00, 10:00 then off into the world of sunshine and warmer weather. let's talk about what is happening right now, as far as temperatures. we are running in the 50s in most neighborhoods, we have 40s out there, santa rosa, napa and half moon bay coincide your sky is clear that helps radiation fog to develop, that's why you are cooler than everybody else,
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right now everybody else with a little cloud cover in the 50s. cloudy monterey bay, low to mid 50s there fog taking over the bay trying to push into the east bay hills probably won't make night the east bay valleys. by noon it is going to be back along the coast except for one finger pushing across san francisco, especially around the golden gate and over towards berkeley. even that will dry up as we head into the afternoon. 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, back in the 40s in the east bay valleys, south bay first, 79 milpitas, 86 los gatos. low 70s millbrae mid to upper 70s farther south on the peninsula low to mid 60s more sun at the coast today, mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito 77 petaluma, everybody else in the low to mid 80s low 60s at your beaches with more sunshine wealth of 70s along the east bay shore upper 80s
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to mid 90s, 92 antioch, 93 brentwood mid to upper 80s inland monterey bay from 75 in santa cruz to 65 monterey. tear in the eyes last home game for giants, great day, 6112:45 for the first -- 61 at 12 been 45 for the first pitch. -- near 90 around the bay for sunday mid 70s at the coast the peak of the heat sunday. now to the bay bridge traffic is looking good 5:20 in the morning no metering lights no delays into san francisco good news for commute same with the san mateo bridge tail lights bunched up towards the highrise into foster city, no delays eastbound. roadwork at foster city
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boulevard eastbound scheduled to be out there for some time. new accident san francisco north 101 before third no significant delays as you come into san francisco there. good ride out of the central valley towards the altamont up and over into livermore, still less than 15 -- right around 15 minutes to get into the dublin-pleasanton area. 152 pacheco pass highway that accident cleared east of gilroy. if you are going to the giants game, ferry is a great way, the larkspur ferry going to experience lots of crowds probably selling out the 11:10 and 11:40 and return ferry this afternoon they expect a lot of folks on those boats. going to be a beautiful day. san jose's santa know -- santana roussel greating, august 2002 a huge section of the billion dollar shopping and residental development went up in flames after
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undergoing construction for two years. it was rebuilt and opened three months later now one of the most popular and upscale shopping and eating destinations for south bay residents and people across the bay area there will be fashion shows and other events to mark the anniversary from now through november. a san francisco company introduced low budget high-tech way to help you get around the city. the company scoot is testing a new service rent an electric scooter for $5 a ride or $10 a day it comes with a helmet and insurance and you don't need a special license. you can unlock and start the scooters with your smartphone. mayor lee says it is another way san francisco is leading in green innovation. >> if you want to go around the city at 30 miles an hour, it will be less than half of the power of a toaster. it is equivalent to 850 miles a gallon to be on one of these electric scooters 50 are
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available now in the south of market area where the company is testing the service. the a's slug it out in texas oakland gets -- [ unintelligible ] san jose landmark with a haunted past gets all dressed up for halloween.
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we are giving away $49,000 to celebrate the 49ers game. easy to enter go to
5:26 am like us then click the win $49,000 button. if you already like us you have a chance to win go to the facebook page and click that $49,000 button that will take out to page where you can enter the sweepstakes we'll announce the winner october 18th, after the 49ers take on the seahawks right here on abc7. this morning the a's close out road trip with a finale against first place rangers a's made history in the second inning carter struck out it was 13 -- breaking the previous record. that didn't stop their offense. single in two runs in the third putting the a's ahead 7-3 oakland went on to win 9-3. there are two games ahead of
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the angels for the last wild card spot with seven games left. giants tuning up for playoffs against arizona in the third inning posey singled in pagan to put giants ahead 2-0. it was his 100th rbi of the season cain pitched seven shut out innings, 16th win. giants beat d-backs 6-0. today last home game. san jose land mark repute today to be a true haunted house is getting dressed up for halloween. the winchester mystery house staging fright nights beginning this week second year of new tradition at the home of heiress sarah winchester. >> new scare elements in every scene from last year, new scenes entirely. longer, more scarier.
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>> in addition to a haunting experience visitors can eat, drink and get made up like a zombie opens this friday. >> love counting the number of 13s in that house. >> it is scary, kids love it. big shock for parents at another school. live with the criminal charges facing a popular middle schoolteacher and the alert going out to parents. wild police chase through san francisco ends in horrifying crash the coffee shop theft that sparked it. welcome news for thousands of commuters, big announcement expected today about caltrain's high-tech future. warmer today every even to the coast mid to upper 60s into san francisco, hazy sun around the bay 70, 80s north bay and south bay 90s in the east bay valleys. a little more like fall in the great lakes, 60s there, towards denver 70s and 80s along the eastern seaboard warmth for your early fall
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afternoon 74 seattle, portland 82. charlotte still the only major airport with a delay that is flight arrival delay i believe we'll have some delays mere in the bay area.
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>> thanks for joining us. 5:32, i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. an east bay school will be missing a popular teacher this morning after he was arrested for lewd acts with a former student. terry mcsweeney is live at albany middle school with more. what is the community doing about it? >> reporter: right now they are going line and -- going online and there's a lot of support for the man realized.
5:33 am
there's going to be a meeting in the library at 5:00 this evening. parents, teachers, school district s to talk about this. based on what i'm seeing online that is going to be one emotional meeting. look at the facebook picture of the person we are talking about 28-year-old james izumizaki of albany, sixth grade teacher arrested for lewd acts upon a child less than 14. the website -- albany batch says he's been a teacher involved in volleyball, athletic -- director. stevenson learned of the allegations monday immediately placed izumizaki on leave and called police. school officials are providing additional counseling to students. e-mail sent out to parents late yesterday afternoon. mr. izumizaki is being held on
5:34 am
$100,000 bail scheduled for his first court appearance tomorrow afternoon. i have been taking a look at the albany there's been an explosion of support for this man they call him mr. i popular teacher some say he couldn't do it some are criticizing the fact it was publicized he was arrested. this meeting tonight at 5:00 should be one emotional gathering. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. san francisco police raided an encampment overnight citing 40 and clearing out the area. police set up barricades to keep the area around the building clear. occupy san francisco says they still consider this to be an official occupy site and they've been using it during the day. but admit it attracts groups of homeless campers during the night. they are worried the new barricades will prevent from protesting during the day.
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three in custody after ipad theft lead to high speed chase that ended in a crash. the mercedes suv that the suspects were diving, t-boned a mazda near a playground and muni bus shelter which was also damaged. a child at the playground was injured, three had to go to the hospital. the chase started after someone grabbed a woman's backpack containing the ipad at a peet's coffee shop. this morning oakland police looking for shooter who gunned down a man last night after 6:30 officers found the victim in the 800 block of vermont street shot at least once pronounced dead at the scene police have not released the victim's name no word about suspects or motive. in a few hours caltrain officials expected to announce details of financing to modernize the system. cal trains says the state
5:36 am
transportation commission is set to vote on whether to release 40 million dollars for advanced signaling system that will lay groundwork for electrification of the system and make it compatible with the high speed rail. the announcement is at noon today at the caltrain millbrae station. tonight the economic impact of the nhl lockout will begin to be felt by businesses. first preseason sharks game was supposed to be tonight. the san jose mercury news reports many restaurants and hotels near the shark tank are scaling back hours for employees. the san jose downtown association estimates downtown businesses typically get a 30% bump in sales on game night. lockout began two weeks ago over how revenues should be split between owners and players. preseason games cancelled through sunday and it appears unlikely the regular season will begin october 11th.
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today giants plan to announce their decision on whether suspended cabrera will region the team in the most season. he is serving a 50-game suspension for testosterone use and would be eligible if the post-season extended beyond five games. giants have no plans to bring back the all-star. giants are 25-12 since the suspension so they are doing well without him. last night giants beat diamondbacks 6-0. final home game today 12:45. >> if you have plans of going to the game what is the weather going to be like? ton of sun and warmer weather, no need for jacket sunscreen a must. 61 at 12:45, 68° bay the time the game ends. -- by the time the game ends. fog from the coast into the bay going to have flight arrival delays and varying
5:38 am
conditions along the peninsula into sfo also towards east bay throughout the next couple of hours. today slightly warmer pacifica 62, oakland 74, where you should be. 93 at livermore, a little warmer than what it should be over there should be 82° today. it is inland valleys east bay warmest, 70s around the bay, 60s coast into san francisco monterey bay 65 monterey, inland mid to upper 80s in the valleys. warmest days in the forecast, above average everywhere even out to the coast low to mid 70s, get there early and stake your spot going to be busy at the coast today mid 80s to near 90 around the bay mid to upper 90s in . here's sue. good morning. live shot of our emeryville
5:39 am
camera and 80 berkeley, five minutes ago you could see it clear as a bell, so the fog is coming in. it can be very dense in spots, so be very careful, watch your speeds it comes up quickly. couple of incidents heading into san francisco northbound stall blocking candlestick on-ramp, also an accident before third street blocking a lane there. no significant slowing yet, but they gotta get that out of there quickly before the commute gets underway. out of the central valley starting to slow a little from 205 towards the altamont once you get to the altamont good drive, towards the dublin-pleasanton area over 15 minutes. drive times right now 580, 880 headed southbound towards 237 and 80 commute from the carquinez bridge to the maze less than 20 minutes. 5:39. >> next, 11-year-old boy wounded in a gang shooting comes home from the hospital to a house where he now lives
5:40 am
in fear. tells his story to abc7 news. he survived a deadly avalanche. what a bay area native is saying about the terrifying ordeal. >>
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. good morning. an 11-year-old boy wounded in a drive-by shooting something back home this morning. he was sleep in his bedroom when someone opened fire on his family's home last wednesday he was hit in the chest. he's recovering from his wounds but the psychological healing could take much longer. >> i'm happy but i don't want to sleep in the same room because i'm scared it going to happen again. >> you cannot imagine when you see your kid come from his room, crying, bleeding. >> francisco hernandez says he intends to move his family as soon as he can. the gunman is still on the loose. avalanche survivor and livermore native says he's fortunate to be alive but mourning the loss of two close friends. the 48-year-old survived a deadly avalanche that killed at least eight people on one of the world's tallest mountains sunday morning at more than 22,000 feet in
5:44 am
nepal. he's a three-time world champion freestyle skier. in his first interview he says he was reading his bible when the avalanche struck. >> i was reading i samuel for the sake of reading it. the tent began to shake we thought it was wind in fact it was the avalanche. >> despite injuries he describes himself as one of the luckiest in the world. he's now on his way back to the bay area. he planned to ski down the slopes of the mountain with the other climbers. 5:44. the real high cost of higher education. president obama tries to take advantage of his rise in the polls. new tv ads he's releasing today and why mitt romney says he's not worried. america's cup world series returns to the bay area why it may draw bigger crowds this time.
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>> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> one man's unique fascination with the iphone turns into a youtube sensation. the siri duet, coming up.
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have you heard of the new dialing procedure for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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welcome back.
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temperatures are on the rebond mid to upper 60s coast into san francisco 70s around the bay, 80s even 90s inland. 90s east bay valleys. the entire state is dry and has been for the last three hours that's how long that loop is, 90s throughout the central valley, 101 palm springs, 75 san diego, 80 los angeles. tomorrow in tahoe a chance of isolated thunderstorm, 76 near 80 well above average saturday and sunday, around yosemite, a chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow 90, low to mid 90s saturday and sunday. on to the race for the white house. president obama and mitt romney will be campaigning in the same state again today, virginia. the president is launching a new ad in seven battleground states today, promote ago economic plan he says will create a million manufacturing jobs and cut oil imports.
5:49 am
he's leading in the polls in ohio where he once again linked mitt romney to his comment as that 47% of americans see themselves as victims who depend on government. >> the president: as i travel around ohio and look out on this crowd, i don't see a lot of victims. i see hard workers that's what i see. >> mitt romney is trailing in florida and iowa and was asked about the poll numbers. >> i'm very pleased with some, less so with others polls go up and down. >> romney trying to retool his message as some voters begin casting early ballots today. america's cup world series is back in town next week. u.s. yacht racing might have the largest ever in person audience. the teams practiced in the bay yesterday officials say the interest outside the u.s. is building and audience here in
5:50 am
san francisco it is a matter of getting peep to watch. >> we have to captivate their emergency nation and -- we probably get one shot if they see it and like it they will come back. if they don't like it, they won't. >> big crowds will be along the water front next week also fleet week so very busy week ahead. >> what do you think the bay is going to be like for racing? >> cooler, probably a little breezer, hot trend now through the -- where it will be much calmer interesting to see how the boats handle it. something fun to watch, everything out on the bay is going to be a little different next week. good morning. fog settling the bay we can't see the bay bridge, treasure island hard to see from our roof cam. live doppler 7 hd, just a matter of time before sfo announces flight arrival
5:51 am
degrees. live doppler you can see no rain, no drizzle, just mist as you drive through some of the thicker clouds along the coast into the north bay and around the bay. temperatures how to does when you step out, up -- clouds and low fog monterey bay inland low to mid 50s. warming begins today, good news, clear and come table at night, warmest temperatures this weekend. as far as today, 24 temperature change everybodying going up five degrees san francisco and santa rosa, six oakland, seven fremont and san jose, 11 in concord that is the change you will notice and feel later this afternoon. milpitas 79, low to mid 80s everybody else millbrae 72, everybody else mid to upper 70s low to mid 60s coast upper 60s downtown sausalito, low to
5:52 am
mid 60s beaches north bay more sunshine than yesterday, berkeley 72, everybody he will in the mid to upper 70s east bay shore, dublin 87, upper 80s to mid 90s all inland neighborhoods in the east bay, 80s morgan hill, monterey 65, santa cruz 75. last regular season home game, gorgeous day, 61 at 12:45, at 3:30, 68°. clouds not as widespread tonight 50s in most areas best chance of fog at the coast. area of high pressure develop to our north right now pushing storm track well north that is going to stop the sea breeze warmer pattern developing today, as we head into the weekend, high pressure builds to our north with its clockwise flow it brings that offshore wind the reason why the warmth will make it out to the coast in fact, low to mid
5:53 am
70s at the coast this weekend, near 90 around the bay mid to upper 90s inland next week cooling trend things back to normal by wednesday. good morning. happy thursday. nice drive headed from san jose towards cupertino on 280 northbound headlights snaking northbound highway 17 over cross there, no problems out of the santa cruz mountains, southbound 101 leaving novato past marinwood, lucas valley road, past the ymca smooth through marin into san francisco. headinging into san francisco from the peninsula, couple of incidents north 101 stall at candlestick accident before third still blocking a lane there. eastbound 4 roadwork between bailey and railroad westbound bunching up a little out of and to be. giants game today 12:45, you will find traffic on 280 extension, embarcadero and king prior to the game, very, very crowded in the south of
5:54 am
market near at&t park. if you are leaving the central valley from the altamont pass to 680 highway 4 hillcrest to 242 road sensor working there better, just under 20 minutes for that drive. east shore freeway under 20 minutes to the maze. 5:54. new study says your family doctor may be the go-to person if you are trying to convince an elderly relative toe give up driving. study from canada found a drop -- drop in serious crash injuries among older drivers when doctors and authorities warned them they are not at this time to drive. doctors in the u.s. are not required to report to the dmv. 600,000 older drivers quit each year because of declining health. warning you are planning to drive to southern california car get ton -- carmageddon two begins in los angeles, 10 mile stretch
5:55 am
of 405 will be shut for the weekend so caltrans can tear down a bridge last year problems were minimal despite a lot of hype. drivers seem torn whether it will be a problem this time. >> i think everyone is going to be out driving not worrying about traffic and get stuck in it. >> some people might, i think it is going to be fine. >> in fact, the biggest concern may be the presence of media helicopters. residents of nearby neighborhoods complained of the noise last year. new figures just released by the labor department show new applications for jobless benefits plunged by 26,000, compared to the week before to 359,000. >> the lowest weekly level of applications in nine weeks a sign that the labor market may be getting back on track. >> here's jane king. good morning.
5:56 am
someone do you or someone in your family have unpaid student loans. one in five carry student debt in 2010 in some cases it accounts for 20% of annual household income. fedex wants to deliver something new, the company getting into the overnight computer repair business for -- fedex has to expand the service to consumers. google making a splash with the unveiling of ocean floor version of street view allows to you take a virtual trip beneath the waves. google partnering with a company which has done a major scientific study of the reefs. i'm jane king. berkeley man known for singing songs about apple products has unveiled his newest tune it is called siri
5:57 am
duet. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> was siri rapping? jonathan m ann writes a song a day his song impressed the late steve jobs so much jobs screened it before going on stage to talk about the phone and its antenna. >> she can do everything else, why not hip-hop. next, san francisco police move into the financial district overnight the camp they cleaned out and what is in its place now? the east bay teacher facing sex charges. credit cards don't have to be a hassle.
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Tuner Channel 74 (525 MHz)
Video Codec mpeg2video
Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 1280
Pixel height 720
Sponsor Internet Archive
Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 9/27/2012